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KHK Signature Gala 

Each year Kids Helping Kids hosts a gala as part of our efforts to bring together the community of Sacramento in support of pediatric cancer patients. It’s an elegant, black-tie event not limited to a benefit concert but includes live and silent auctions, raffles, and fun games. We have had award-winning artists perform and have auctioned off over 370 items, including thousand-dollar vacations to Disneyland, Cabo, and Bali. The best part about it? All proceeds go directly to children battling pediatric cancer. The funds from this event will go towards supporting families with pediatric cancer to relieve financial burdens. Help children battling pediatric cancer by fighting along with them at our Annual Gala!

8th Annual Gala Recap

On January 9, 2020, Kids Helping Kids held their 8th Annual Signature Gala. With our "Hearts of Gold" theme, we connected with our audience spiritually to give back to children in need in an engaging, interactive way. Our members shared our stories about the work we do here at KHK and the stories of the families we support through this event. Wilder Woods, JOHNNYSWIM, Alisan Porter, and Elizabeth Doroshuk each delivered stunning live music performances. In total, in 2020, we raised over $80,000 for children battling pediatric cancer, thanks to our generous supporters! These funds were allocated to over 100 families with a child battling pediatric cancer.

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