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We believe that our Grant and Aid program is necessary so that we may help individuals and groups with more unique situations. We understand that different kids need assistance in various areas, and we are here to support that. It is the privilege of our organization and our Corporate Sponsors to apply a portion of our funds to special causes in the greater Sacramento community. We accept applications for our Grant and Aid year round! To apply for Grant and Aid, please email your first and last name, phone number, request, monetary amount, and reason for the request to Those who have previously applied and have not heard back from us, please reapply by emailing your request to All will be considered.



Julian Can Campaign.png

In November 2021, our community mourned the loss of a family. Julian Montano was the only surviving member of a freeway collision where he lost his parents along with his five year old brother and nine year old sister. Kids Helping Kids was able to raise $30,000 to put into a 529 college fund for Julian that will have grown over $200,000 by 2035 when Julian is ready to apply for college.



Kids Helping Kids bought hearing aids for a child named Angel. She has a hearing disability which impedes her ability to hear the teacher in the classroom. This has a direct effect on her educational growth and we saw this as an opportunity to help her.


Eddie - Printer.png

Kids Helping Kids delivered a new printer to Eddie, a local foster youth, at Franklin High School and provided him with gift cards and supplies to level the academic playing field as he heads to college next year. Kids Helping Kids is a firm believer in helping children like Eddie in our communities who are facing especially large obstacles.



Kids Helping Kids gave Dillon, a child with special needs, a tricycle to improve his motor skills and allow him to move independently around his school.


Faith Wyley.png

Kids Helping Kids was able to grant Del Campo student, Faith, $3,000 to attend a mission trip to Zambia to help orphans with A.I.D.S. She stayed in Africa for one month over her summer vacation to teach them English as well as other skills that they wouldn’t receive otherwise.

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