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Kids Helping Kids aims to make an impact on a global scale. Through our global program, we are able to reach the lives of children on a massive scale. 

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In December of 2017, a group of Kids Helping Kids students took a trip to serve our global population in Cuba. The week-long trip opened our eyes to the different economic and social challenges present in our world.


As a group, Kids Helping Kids visited families suffering from physical disabilities and aided them with food and emotional support. As students, this experience broadened our world understanding and opened our hearts to situations different from those we face in America.


Our global project began with a simple story. A friend of Kids Helping Kids, Brad Corrigan, found himself in Managua, Nicaragua surrounded by a trash dump stories high. In this dump lived young children with their parents, spending the entirety of their day finding a way to survive. This situation resonated with Brad, and he formed a nonprofit organization dedicated to the cause called Love, Light, and Melody. LLM built a safe house in the village called Club Hope, a place to share light and joy with the villagers in Managua.

Brad shared his stories with Kids Helping Kids, and we were given the opportunity to take part in his vision. With a 5-year plan to build a school, Kids Helping Kids continues to donate and support Brad’s organization.


We are continuously moved and inspired by those we have met in the village, and we make a yearly commitment to donate 10% of our revenue to Club Hope. Our students have made trips to Nicaragua to meet the families in the village, and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve these families.

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