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“Learning is best by doing, and doing is best by serving others.”

Kids Helping Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run entirely by students at Del Campo High School. We believe that learning is best by doing, and doing is best by serving others. This belief led us to be recognized as the number one non-profit in the Sacramento region after competing in the Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch Competition, where we went up against other widely known organizations like Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity. Kids Helping Kids has also been recognized as the number one student-run non-profit in the world after competing and winning SAGE, a competition for students advancing global entrepreneurship.

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Our mission is to empower students to make a difference from the classroom to the community by investing in the lives of children in need, both locally and globally. 


To do this, Kids Helping Kids supports four central populations, including a pediatric cancer population, Global populations, elementary school students, and college-bound high school students. 


To participate in Kids Helping Kids means to be a part of this business. Instead of going to school every day, you will be coming to work! However, that is not to say you will not be earning all the credits you need to graduate high school on time. Kids Helping Kids is part of a CTE pathway established at Del Campo Highschool that includes an intro to entrepreneurship course as well as the primary Kids Helping Kids “class” senior year which runs three periods in the fall and one period in the spring for a total of four periods. The intro to entrepreneurship course counts towards your elective credits while the main Kids Helping Kids course will count towards your American Government/Civic Engagement, Economy, and Social Science credits as well as a Build Entrepreneurship course and an Advanced Entrepreneurship course that both count as elective credits within the CTE pathway, fulfilling all graduation requirements.

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Currently, Kids Helping Kids has the benefit of being the only legitimate student-run 501(c) non-profit in America available as a high school program. This makes all students who participate appear unique in the eyes of colleges and businesses they may apply to in the future. This means that in addition to providing our students with life skills to make an impact, Kids Helping Kids also offers excellent opportunities for students after highschool, be it letters of recommendation for college or job applications or unique and strong skills/experiences to put on resumes or college applications. 


Kid Helping Kids is a dynamic program that enhances the core curriculum through Experiential Learning with Purpose and provides students the unique opportunity to participate in the most successful student-run non-profit organization in the United States. Students will develop fundamental application skills in operations and task management, Advancement, Finance, Outreach, Production, and Marketing. The class will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to springboard their entrepreneurial visions into action by running the daily business operations of a 501(c)(3) corporation while gaining relevant experience through local business/community partnerships and serving communities both locally and globally. Upon completing this class, students will have the foundation to effectively create their businesses and/or successfully pursue a business-related college degree.

  • Students will learn and apply the MISSION of Kids Helping Kids throughout the general practices of the organization. 

  • Students will learn the comprehensive business plan of KHK and examine the various entrepreneurial issues in the business model, including but not limited to operations and task management, advancement, finance, outreach, productions, and marketing.

  • Corporate Pitch, Script development, Team approach, the Invite, Professional Conduct - speaking and writing, Retention relations, The ask, Research and Vetting donors, Non-monetary relations (participating in activities), and Different tiers of giving ($$$).

  • Social media marketing, online ads, search engine optimization, public relations, press release writing, impressions vs. click-through rates, online community engagement, video graphic design, website development, and merchandise.

  • Project development and the systematic use of resource knowledge and practices to design and implement a given project and meet its goals and objectives under specific requirements. 

  • Students can empower disadvantaged community members to create social change and develop their skills by serving local and global communities through various outreach endeavors such as identifying global and regional opportunities, LLM, Bombay Teen Challenge in India, Community Garden, Service-Learning Trips, and Leadership Training. Most importantly, students chart their path on how they can transform their school, neighborhood, community, and world.



11th/12th Grade (18 weeks) Intro to Business


11th Grade (18 weeks) Entrepreneurship - Elective CTE Pathway


12th Grade (18 weeks) BUILD Entrepreneurship - Elective CTE Pathway


12th Grade (18 weeks) Advanced Entrepreneurship - Social Science Elective CTE Pathway


12th Grade (9 weeks) American Government (Civic Engagement) Government A-G


12th Grade (9 weeks) Business Economics/Entrepreneurship - Economics A-G

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